Taking It With You

If you are leaving Spartanburg District Five and want to take your digital items (Google Drive & Schoology content), there are a few things you need to know.

Google Drive

An important thing to remember about Google Drive is, once your account is deleted, all of your items will be inaccessible, even if they are shared. Here’s what you need to do with your Google files:

  1. Google Sharing

    Transfer ownership to another person in-district.

    Transfer ownership of files that others will need access to after you leave. If you have shared files that others in District Five will need to continue using, you will need to transfer ownership of those files. You can do this on an individual or folder level.

  2. Use Google Take-out to download all of your Google data. If there are files you would like to take, you can download your files. To get your Google account data (including docs, slides, sheets, etc.), go to https://www.google.com/settings/takeout and select the services you want to download your data from. Google will create downloadable archive files and email you when they are ready to be accessed.

Schoology Material & Resources

Many District Five teachers have spent a long time creating content in Schoology and want to access and use it after leaving. You can create a free, personal account and share your collections with your personal account. Here’s what you need to do to share that content:

  1. Go to http://www.schoology.com and sign up for a free teacher account. Make sure you use your personal email address (like Gmail).
  2. Make a “connection” between your personal account and your D5Live account. For instructions on how to make a connection, see this Schoology support article.
  3. Create a collection in your Personal Resources of your D5Live account and share that collection with your personal Schoology account. For instructions on sharing resources in Schoology, see this Google Doc.
  4. Go into your personal Schoology account and create a new folder, moving the shared collection items into it for continued access.
  5. If you need to share items with District Five colleagues, you can use the instructions for sharing a collection or use an existing Schoology group to share that content.
This post is adapted for Spartanburg District Five users from an original article written by Kellie Ady at Cheery Creek Schools.

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